Pray, United Kingdom 

Pray is born as a reaction to the current state of the world. Pray is a worldwide sustainable streetwear brand founded by  2 friends on a journey to create, innovate and connect to real street culture. Pray is influenced by Punk, Metal, Grunge & Hip Hop. At the roots of Pray are  the fundamentals of Skate and Street, expressing opinions and discussing topics of controversy puts Pray at the forefront of forward-thinking modern society and youth.

Pray is at the helm of sustainable development, concentrating and researching into ways to produce more sustainable product at all times. The processes to the actual physical product, Pray is all about natural and organic preservation. With the outcome of creative design and support from the public we aim to use the results to create a special added value to the environment and social benefits of our brand. The work Pray does will make a positive effect on the world from feeding the homeless, helping underprivileged children, support equality, aid in the preservation of nature and wildlife and more. Join us on our journey.

“Let us Pray" 

Mission to sustainability

We are on a journey to implement innovative techniques in which both fashion and sustainability can work hand in hand to make positive change to the effects of our industry on the planet. As we experiment and investigate into the ever-growing sustainable techniques and processes, so will Pray develop with our manufacturers as a brand which offers our followers fashion which doesn’t cost the earth. This collection uses 100% organic cotton at its core preventing the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides & genetically modified organisms harming the environment. We will continue the pursuit of sustainability as part of the very basic responsibility we have as a brand in the current climate we live in and the world.


Please note we are working towards learning and developing into more sustainable techniques. At the moment our fabrics and materials are sustainable, but some printing techniques are the industry standard. With your help and support of the brand we aim to be fully sustainable by 2022. To offset this balance, we aim to plant 10 trees with every purchase to help the environment and local farmers and families in developing parts of the world.


Please read more about this project on our Trees for the Future page