Be the change - PRAY™

PRAY™ is not perfect...yet. We are on a mission like many other brands and businesses to protect our planet. Whilst we endeavour to pursue our passions as humans we should more than ever start to think about what we can do to protect our world in the process. PRAY™ is a streetwear brand founded by 2 humans who themselves are consciously aware of the changes our industry need to make. PRAY™ is also aware however that with this mindset it will take time and the commercial aspect of flipping a switch is not possible. We must work with our partners in the manufacturing and supply channels to grow together and protect livelihoods and our planet hand in hand.


All of our garments are made from 100% Organic cotton - Preventing the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides & genetically Modified organisms harming the environment. No toxic chemicals are used in the growing of organic cotton. It doesn't damage the soil, has less impact on the air, and uses 88% less water and 62% less energy. Conventional cotton uses about 16% of the world's insecticides and 7% of pesticides.

Inks & dyes we use

PRAY aims to use the best available dyeing techniques which do not release harmful chemicals into the water table, rivers, soil and more. Currently we are working with our manufacturers to support the purchase of new equipment to improve our current printing process. Our view is that to move our manufacturing to a new and wealthy factory doesn't solve the issue with our faithful and trusted crew who can grow and change with us. Peoples livelihoods and commercial restrictions should not be ignored. Sustainability is a long-term change not a light switch.

Water wastage

PRAY aims to use recyclable and water saving approaches when manufacturing garments. Our laundries are investing in technology which will save unto 95% of wasted water.

Mailing wrappers

You'll help us reforest the planet with your order, simply by PRAY™ choosing certified materials and become part of a big, green movement. Find out more about the exciting steps we are about to make together with Packhelp by visiting their website.

Biodegradable bags

Pray uses sustainable labelling on all products, from the fabric of the labels to the string used to attach each swing tag to the product. The product is then packaged into a biodegradable polybag. The polybags used decompose by bacteria or other living organisms.
For mail-order bags we have teamed up with a unique company who produced a specially crafted Compostable Bag. This bag can be used to become compost therefore return to the earth. The material is able of biological decomposition which breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass at a rate consistent with more well-known compostable materials.